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Yanling San He Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. situated at beautiful western suburbs of Yanling County in Hunan Province.Its sub-company concludes San He,He Dong and Zi Xing,our main products include fiberglass gypsum roving;fibreglass chopped strand mat;fibreglass chopped strand;and so on

Foshan Fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat single plant was established in 2005 at Song Xia Industrial Park Nanhai, Foshan City Guangdong.We have a specialized production line which produces fibreglass chopped strand mat.The specification is 180G in weight and 1040-2080MM in width.Our main product is non-woven E-or C-glassfiber mat.The month output of fiberglass product is estimated to be 500 tons.The month exports is about 200 tons.

We have many experienced engineers and technicans and advanced equipment, as a result, our products are matched with European standard and sold all over the country and also needed by international market

Welcome the customer calls, requests to discuss cooperation,we wholeheartedly welcome all merchants both here and abroad to visit our works and palaver with us.The company will persist on the principle :Quality First,Customer priority.We will provide you with excellent products and wholehearted service. The development of our company must depend on the market,but the most important thing is  the support and trust of our general new old customers and friends.Hope all of us hand in hand to move forward, and mutually create resplendence.

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 玻璃纤维石膏纱-玻璃纤维缠绕纱-拉挤纱-石膏纤维纱-玻璃纤维短切丝 版权:益港玻纤 

E-Mail:ylkmp@126.com       msn: smkmp@live.cn      English  简体

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